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Terms & Conditions

  1. While the right of admission is reserved at the discretion of CPL Limited, The bearer is entitled to enter the stadium and to view the match from the seat or area to which this ticket refers ('the Match')
  2. This ticket must be produced at appropriate entry points and or on demand by any authorized official.
  3. Entry will be refused if the barcode has been tampered with or if the ticket has been defaced or damaged or tampered with in any way.
  4. The ticket holder will be prohibited entry if under the influence of alcohol or in possession of glass objects, alcoholic beverages, visual recording equipment(Video cameras, lap-top, computers and professionals)
  5. Each entry ticket is valid for one person only and no re-entry will be allowed.
  6. The playing field shall be out of bounds at all times on the day of the match to the ticket holder.
  7. The bearer shall not behave in any manner deemed by Management to be disruptive, to endanger the safety of other persons in the Stadium or to the unreasonably obstruct the viewing of other spectators.
  8. The use of tickets as prizes in lottery’s or competitions without the prior written consent of the management is strictly prohibited.
  9. The bearer shall not be entitled to donate, transfer or in any way dispose of this ticket to any.
  10. Any ticket obtained in breach of these conditions shall be void and all rights connected there which shall be nullified. Any person seeking to use a ticket obtain in breach of these conditions will be refused or evicted from the stadium or demarcated areas and no refund will be made.
  11. Management shall, use its best endeavor’s to ensure that the bearer is given unencumbered use of the seat to which this ticket refers, Management reserve the right to substitute the seat with another at its discretion and does not guarantee that bearer will have an uninterrupted and or uninhibited view of the match form the seat provided NOR does the Management make any guarantee as to the quality of the Match.
  12. The bearer waives all right of whatsoever nature against Management its employee, servants, agents, independent, and contractors or representative in respect of injury, death, loss or damage arising, notwithstanding that it may have been caused by negligent act or omission on the part of any such persons.
  13. Failure to observe and abide by these terms and conditions shall constitute breach of contract and may result in eviction from the stadium and demarcated areas, cancellation or confiscation of this ticket and/or legal action by the Management. No refund or exchange shall be made for any reason whatsoever.
  14. Spectators are reminded that racially abusive comments and actions will result in ejection from the ground and possibly face criminal prosecution.
  15. The ticket holder shall not conduct or cause to engage on any form of betting or gambling within the Venue, if so detected, will be evacuated from the stadium.
  16. In addition to these terms and conditions, entry shall be subject to any Stadium regulations specific to the Stadium.
  17. Children of 3 years of age or over must have their own ticket and all persons under the age of 18 must be accompanied by and under the supervision of (in each case constantly) an adult who also has a ticket for the Match.



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